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DH Cones are ceramic stands which enhance your audio system by minimizing sound vibrations and distortions to your stereo equipment. DH cones are made of high-tech ceramic material, often used in space shuttles and advanced military rockets. They have a hardness degree of 9.5, surpassed only by diamonds. Their design is based on the theory that the ability of materials to minimize vibrations and resonance is correlated to the hardness of the materials.

More and more people are putting DH Cones in their audio and home theater system. If you are interested in upgrading your audio or home theater system without spending an arm and leg, you want to consider the benefits of DH Cones. DH Cones improve your listening experience by minimizing the vibrations of the components. They will make your system sound clearer, cleaner with tighter bass and more concise image. They will enable you to hear more ambiance and details. DH cones are the most cost-effective way to upgrade your audio system.

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