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The most important component of your audio system is your surroundings. The same stereo system will sound quite different in different rooms. Golden Sound Acoustic Discs are a simple and effective way to minimize various unwanted reflections that distort the true sound from your speakers. Just place Golden Sound Acoustic Discs to the corners of your room and various strategic spots, and you will find a whole new listening experience as the room resonance suddenly disappears and you hear music for the first time without expensive upgrades.

Scientific measurement shows that Acoustic Discs reduce cumulative spectral decay from 30 to 50 percent between 80 to 15000 Hz. More importantly, Golden Sound Acoustic Discs reduce only the corner early reflection after 1 millisecond. This will retain the dynamics and ambience of the original recording.


Sold in Set of 12


$140.00 Regular Price
$126.00Sale Price
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